March Madness

The annual HEDK March Madness bracket was quite popular – we had 33 people participate – more than any of year! It is also safe to say that this year was unlike any other year in the history of March Madness. All of the #1 seeds were knocked off in the first few series and not 1 person in our office, and probably 98% of everyone else who participated, picked UCONN to win the series. However, it was exciting to see new teams at the top, major upsets and exciting games each week! Amy Leonero was leading the #1 spot throughout the madness until Mark Hill jumped her at the very end, as he was the only one who picked UCONN to be in his final four. Boy, did he get lucky this year!

The men’s tournament was not the only one with exciting news. The final game between LSU and IOWA reached 9.9 million viewers, making it the highest viewed N.C.A.A Women’s basketball game in TV History! Caitlin Clark was the one to watch all season and is bound to gain the attention of sports fans everywhere, as she is already breaking records and is sure to become one of the best players in the sport. Angel Reed & Caitlin Clark gave everyone something to talk about! So did Kim Mulkey…her outfits!

Congratulations to Mark Hill, the now 2023 proud owner of the HEDK March Madness trophy for 1 year (and bragging rights) for coming in 1st PLACE!

Congratulations to Amy Leonero for coming in 2nd place! Not only is she a fake sports fanatic, but her competitive nature will do well in upcoming challenges!

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